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Old dream came true: see the old capital of Azerbaijan-Baku and take a car-tour through the country of fires, so called for many of Zoroastrism monuments. The number of car rent companies is huge, but it is difficult to make a choice. After the long search on the internet I found car rental company Naniko, which offered cars of different types and brands for competitive prices.

My trip first stage was Baku sightseeing. The most unique is old part of the city Itsheri-Shekher. It’s like you transfer through time and fill yourself hero of «1000 and one night» stories. Shirvan-Shakh Palace (Gussyen- Khan Mushtad summer residence), built in 1797 by Khaji Zeinalabdin from Shiraz, famous Maiden Tower, caravanserai, fountain square, Nizami avenue – the list is endless, so rich is Baku for attractions and just beautiful places. The day ended with the walk along the seaside boulevard. The promenade along the Caspian Sea Shore is almost 3 km long.

The next day I planned trip by car to Ateshgyan – fire worshiper’s temple and ancient monument of Zoroastrism, surviving up to nowadays. The temple was built by Indian pilgrims in XVII-XVIII c. At various times the temple were visited by Al. Duma, P/ Tchaikovsky etc.

The mandatory part of program is sightseeing of Gobustan national reserve. The stone terrace ended with the precipice and continues with the semi-dessert. Here you could see more than 6 000 petro glyphs of stone age , the age of the most ancient is equal 40 thousand years B.C.

The roads in the Azeri provinces leave much to be desired but thanks to the excellent off-road vehicle provided by Nanikos/ Agent I felt no discomfort during my car trip.

Then I went to the village of Gala, where are concentrated 243 archeological sites, habitants of primitive people from Bronze age, mosques and other highly interesting medieval buildings.

During the trip to the new country is very important to have reliable transportation and 24/24 mode communication with operator in the case of any problem. Company Naniko provided me with GPS navigator. For the hard part of the road company provided me with additional driver. It was under the seasonal action and was free of charge. Such service makes the holiday perfect. I’m looking forward with great pleasure for the next vacation in order to visit other Caucasus countries together with Naniko, and especially because you could start the trip in Baku, cross the border with the same car and let it back already in companies offices located in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi or even Yerevan!!

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