Car Rental in Georgia – Tbilisi, Armenia - Yerevan, Azerbaijan – Baku



If you are already tired climbing up to career stairway, which is necessary for your professional growth as hired employee and waiting for you work appropriate evaluation by your employer? In that case, we’d like to offer you enjoy from the personal and professional satisfaction from your own business. If you own a car rent business, but it’s not so much successful as your competitors’ companies or you have business activity in another field and want to change direction? We offer you a franchise model based on the huge success of our company in tough competitive conditions.

Car Rental Company Ltd. “Naniko” due to its marketing, professional team and composing of business activity and also thanks to its unique business model in a highly competitive environment has gained the absolute leading position in the market. The Company’s basic strategy is to provide the customer with high quality transport at low prices. Business-plan and financial estimation as company’s main targets became in a short period guarantors of its success. The Company has developed the unique Software, including fleet monitoring, booking system and inner control synchronized activity, which allows monitoring of many functions in automatic/remote mode and thus a fewer staff involved.

As well the company took into account a number of different service models and practices that distinguish it from the other companies in the local market.

Car rent franchise gives you the opportunity to get Business Model, Software, Design, Branding and comprehensive answers to all your questions that worry you for a long time or may arise during the everyday business activity.

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