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Car rental in Kutaisi

Cheap car rental in Kutaisi, guaranteed car hire

If you want to visit Georgia and your budget is not large, you can start your trip from the city of Kutaisi. Why Kutaisi?

Kutaisi has its own airport, named after the famous king of Georgia - David Builder. The airport performs flight during 24 hours. It cooperates with main avia companies. Through this airport you can buy cheapest air tickets for many directions.

Kutaisi is the second city with its territory in Georgia. It is the hеаrt of the Imereti region. It contains the very interesting history and culture, facts from the deepest past which related to the mythology. This city is mentioned in the mythology about Argonauts. Since the deepest past the city has played very important role in the life of the country. The parliament of Georgia is located in Kutaisi, for the present period.

If you arrive at the airport of Kutaisi and you want to rent a car, you can contact the company Naniko.

The company offers its consumers the best options for car hire in Kutaisi.

First of all we take into the consideration your charges and offer low rates.

The best opportunity to take a car in the short term and for the long term. You can drive on our car in the mountains, such as the regions of Svaneti.

You can take a luxury car for driving on the roads of sea resorts. Visiting the most amazing and beautiful city of Black sea coast - Batumi.

You can drive unlimited, because we give you the car with unlimited kilometers.

Rent a car in Kutaisi from Naniko is the convenient way to a successful visit in the country.


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